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GRIIN is a movement started by Netsurf Research Labs. We present a unique opportunity to decorate walls with ornamental plants and turn it into a living wall with striking aesthetics. Be it an interior or an exterior part of a structure, a vertical garden transforms the entire area in to a stunning visual treat. It makes a statement that you care about the environment.

Our highly skilled team with technical backgrounds like B.S.C Agriculture, B.S.C Horticulture and Interior Designers delightfully craft living walls for your every project.

Every Project goes through following steps to ensure a perfect execution.

  1. Enquiry Submission:
  2. Feasibility Study: GRIIN Expert will visit actual site to study Sunlight direction, Wind direction, Water conditions and overall conditions at actual location before getting into execution.
  3. Plant selection: Plant selection will use feasibility study findings. Plant selection will be done on the basis of environment which ensures minimum mortality.
  4. Pattern Design: GRIIN designers will design multiple patterns with recommended plants and send it for client approval.
  5. Pattern approval:
  6. Irrigation Design and Fabrication:
  7. Budgeting:
  8. Site Installation and Execution:
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