GRIIN Gardening Kit, a 100% organic solution with great convenience!

GRIIN Gardening Kit is a savior for people who love gardening but have limited time and energy. It offers all the requisite paraphernalia that can help you to start gardening on your own.
The kit consists of nutrient enriched media, a plant growth promoter and an herbal formulation to control sucking pests. These products are 100% organic and contain no added chemicals and their regular use, as per the directions, would keep your garden healthy. Just fill up the form and get your kit delivered at your doorstep so no need to visit nurseries and hire a gardener.

GRIIN media, and not soil, is a special nutrient enriched media for your urban farms. The GRIIN media can be used for all varieties of plants. It is available in a pack of 5 Kg.s, which is sufficient for one or two medium size pots. It is 100% organic with good water holding capacity that helps to lower down water consumption. It also doesn’t require any chemical fertilizers or any other chemicals for 2-3 years for the growth of plants. It also contains natural insect repellent ingredient which lowers insect attacks.

5Kg | Rs. 500/-

It is a unique herbal formulation for an effective prevention from insects and pests.

Dosage- 1 to 2 ml per liter of water for foliar spray.

100ml | Rs. 200/-

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